Arabica Coffee House

This morning, as I was walking to work at my abnormal and slightly awkward quick-paced walk, something stopped me dead in my tracks on Free Street. The smell of espresso beans and bagels suddenly became more important than being on time for work, and I took an immediate right-hand turn into Arabica Coffee House.

This place gives off a pretty cool vibe from the second you walk in. There are exposed brick walls (a minor obsession of mine) and delicious pastries staring at you begging to be purchased and devoured. But I went in on a mission and left having accomplished it — everything bagel and iced americano in hand. I even made it on time for work.

And this is where the story gets good. This bagel was amazing. I don’t know why I’d never gotten one from there before. It was really hard on the outside, and chewy on the inside. Kind of like a French Baguette. I think there was some kind of toasted garlic on top too — always a plus. Throw some cream cheese in there and you have yourself an absolutely delicious perfect breakfast and beginning to your Friday morning.

This is not to mention the ska from Madness I’m listening to on Spotify right now. Happy Friday everyone.


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  1. […] The outside was tough, and the inside chewy, much like the ones they serve at Arabica (previous post). Although maybe a bit smaller than an average bagel, I was not left unsatisfied. The flavor was […]

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