Bagels and Donuts and Coffee, OhNo!

First thing’s first: If you have not yet had the pleasure of dining at OhNo Cafe in the West End, you should do so at your next available opportunity. Only not today because they’re closed on Mondays.

I’ve only ever been to this place for breakfast, and they make some absolutely mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. When friends visit from the distant land of Orono, as they did this weekend, we go here. Every time.

First off – the bagels. I don’t know how they do it so perfectly every time, but these bagels are grilled to perfection before becoming complete with their delicious fillings. I tend to get the basic “Bacon, egg and cheese” and drench it in hot sauce, but there are a number of interesting and unique creations to try. For example:

– Maple glazed prosciutto, tabasco, Vermont cheddar & egg on a bagel
– Smoked turkey, avocado, tomato, smoked gouda & egg on English muffin, and
– Grilled hanger steak, Vermont cheddar & egg on a bagel … (I know, right?)

Also, they have Spam. Personally I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10-foot pole but if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it.

Head over to their website for a complete menu of options for every time of the day. They also offer beer and wine, friendly service, and some stickers on the cooler that prove the owners of this place know what’s good. These two gems to the left (The Slackers & Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad stickers) are proudly featured next to each other atop a giant cooler of beer, and there always seems to be a pretty steady flow of reggae music in there. I could go on and on about this place, but just take my word for it and experience it for yourself.87 Brackett St. Portland, ME
I know it’s the talk of the town and all, but for real, Otto Pizza is the best. We hit up this place for dinner, devouring a range of creative slices: potato bacon scallion, cauliflower mushroom, even good ole pepperoni. They have two locations — one closer to all the action on Congress across from Empire, and one up in the East End. Oh, and they serve beer, too.576 Congress St., and

225 Congress St. Portland, ME

Last but certainely not least: Dirty Dozen Donuts, a brand new donut shop that just opened down in Sanford, ME. My very close friend, Kelsey (she’s only 21!) just opened up shop this past weekend. Stop by for a donut, bagel, or any broad variety of delicious pastries. Her prices are extremely affordable and the donuts are probably better than any you’ve ever tasted. I’m working on launching the website for this place within the next couple days, so check back!913 Main St. Sanford, ME

Hm, should I cram any more info about Portland and its fine establishments in this post? I think I’ll save some for next time. Thanks for reading!


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