How to get a haircut immediately

After about a month of waking up every day with my hair in about 700 knots and proceeding to painfully brush them out – many times unsuccessfully – accompanied by the fact that it’s been a consistant 85 degrees and humid in Maine recently, I decided it was time for a change. Three years and many different shades of pink and blue later, my hair needed to go. Friday, I established that this needed to be accomplished ASAP, and found that this is a surprisingly simple thing to do.

Step 1: Find a fearless haircut buddy. In my case, special thanks to @chris_gironda for taking on this responsibility.

Step 2: Have your buddy take a before picture. One final look at those long, gnarly locks before they’re gone forever.


Step 3: Put your hair in a ponytail.

Step 4: Find a pair of scissors, and have your buddy cut off the ponytail.

Step 5: Have your buddy take an after picture.

After (This picture actually makes it look uneven, but it’s not! Strangely enough …)

Voilà. You have yourself a homemade haircut. Nine inches of hair and 30 seconds later I no longer feel like a wooly mammoth. Good thing, too, because we later headed down to Beantown for an El Grande show, where I think people were melting into the humidity.


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