Peppers and Punk Rock

You know those late nights that end up turning into early mornings? Then your alarm clock goes off and you’re forced to drag yourself out to bed, get to work, and spend the day waiting to do it all over again?

Well, as it seems this just about sums up my summer, I have discovered the perfect bagel breakfast cure for these late night/early morning transitions.


Now, I wouldn’t think twice about popping a few of these into my mouth whole in the morning and calling it breakfast, but today that’s not what I’m referring to. Bagel lovers, I give you: jalapeño cream cheese from Mister Bagel. It’s DELICIOUS. Sometimes you literally just need to spice it up and this is the perfect way to do so. Add a few of these hot green veggies to your breakfast in the morning and you might as well just skip the cup of coffee all together. (Can’t believe I just said that.) They’ll wake you up, clear your sinuses and make an otherwise regular bagel the best you’ve ever eaten.

Now I want another. And a platter of jalapeño poppers please.

And while we’re on the topic of late nights, how about heading down to Thompson’s Point Saturday night, finding your way into an old warehouse, and checking out a Portland punk rock show? El Grande, accompanied by Pinkerton Thugs and The Pubcrawlers, will be taking over this joint for the night for what’s sure to be a crazy show at a unique location. The show is being put on by the Dirigimus Cooperative.

Don’t know where or what I’m talking about? Type these coordinates into Google Maps: 43.651533 N 70.290764 W


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