8 things to help you survive Frankenstorm Sandy

The “storm of the year,” without a doubt calls for a preparation list. Here are just a few things I think may make your hurricane experience a bit more pleasurable.

1. A brick house. We all remember the three little pigs and the big bad wolf right? He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down? Well, not the brick one. This works out well for me, seeing as my small but sturdy apartment is made out of four, strong, brick walls. I always knew I liked those exposed bricks for more than just a cozy decor and nice feng shui. So, say this wolf’s name is Sandy, and wants to blow my house down. Not gonna happen.

2. Musical Instruments. I’m talking raw, acoustic, no-electricity-required equipment, like a harmonica, tambourine, acoustic guitar, mandolin, or hey maybe you’re a singer — that works too. If and when the power goes out and there is no cable or Internet to occupy your soul, maybe you’ll finally have the chance to write that hit single you’ve been trying to find the time for. (Or, in the case of Portland, Maine, that self-recorded, underground, indie-released pre-masterpiece).

3. All the charged Apple products you can accumulate. It’s not that I doubt the fact that everyone on the U.S. East Coast is charging all their i-things right now, but I’d like to remind you of a couple reasons this is indeed a wonderful idea:

If you have a smartphone with 3G or 4G, you can still read Twitter. Stop rolling your eyes and realize that yes, you do get most of your news from this little feed of information, especially about our friend #Sandy.
Angry Birds.
Let’s not forget that you can actually charge your phone with your computer. It’s like, power, without power. Like magic.
You’ll want to Instagram this later, so take pictures now.
Your mom is going to call and wonder if you’re alive. If you’re phone is dead, she’ll think you are too.

4. Bagels that are worthy of eating without toasting. Some bagels are great without ever touching a toaster, and these are the kind you need to have on hand during such natural disasters as this. Let me suggest picking some up from either the Shaw’s or Hannaford Bakery (these are both oddly delicious!), or if you’re feeling ambitious, Panera Bread. Throw some butter, peanut butter, cream cheese or, I dunno, cheese, on there and enjoy. Gotta have bagels.

5. Candles. Yeah, maybe this goes without saying but they’re worth mentioning, especially if you’re afraid of the dark like me (guilty confession). Plus you’ll sound even more legit if you say you wrote that acoustic jam over candlelight, and maybe put an Instagramed picture of yourself doing it on your album cover.

6. Your Hurricane 2012 playlist. Even in the darkest of times, the right music can keep your spirits up, or down if that’s your thing. So think ahead, throw a few of your favorite songs on a playlist and be ready to hit play at any moment. Maybe they’ll be “get stoked for crazy weather” songs, or more “depressing rainy day” songs. If nothing else, now these tunes will always remind you of your friend, Sandy. (Although I’m not sure if that’s good or bad …)

7. A diverse variety of beverages, including but not limited to:
– Coffee
– Beer
– OJ
– Wine
– Water (but I think there will be plenty of this outside)

8. A storm buddy, or two. Let’s face it, a hurricane is much less scary when you have a companion to share it with. Someone to pass the time with, by together eating everything in the fridge before it goes bad, or playing those acoustic instruments I mentioned earlier. If you’re real lucky, you have a buddy with a TV as big as this: (and a generator to keep it going).

Good luck, fellow East-Coasters! Seeya on the other side.


One comment

  1. Beer….that is all. And I need to find a friend with a big tv.

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