As a journalist and lover of all things bagels, I’ve decided to combine such passions to form, of course, a “Blogel.” With the amount of bagels I consume, tweet about, talk about and overall obsess over, it’s about time I get all the angst out.

I’m Betsy, and I come to you from a small corner of the universe known as Portland, ME, where the ocean, friendly people, arts scene, music and food are all thriving like never before. With a bagel and coffee shop on every block and an office that’s close to them all, Portland all but forces me to indulge in a bagel (almost) every day.

I know what you’re thinking. How much can one person in one city possibly say about bagels? Well, to be honest, a lot, but I’ll often stray from just bagels to offer a taste into the rest of Portland, ME culture, which I truly believe is wonderful. I think everyone should visit this oceanside city at least once – you won’t regret it.

While not eating bagels (or sometimes even while I am) I can be found at my job as a SEO Specialist for a digital marketing company in Portland, playing with the Internet, writing stories and making infographics. Outside of work I’m usually practicing, performing or recording with my local and original ska band, El Grande. Please check out our music and website: www.elgrandemusic.com.

Feel free to comment, send feedback, agree, disagree, whatever you want. And follow me on twitter @BetzC.


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