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Tightening the diversity divide in healthcare leadership

While a majority of healthcare professionals believe in the strong benefits a diverse leadership team would bring to their organization, less than 15 percent believe hospitals have taken the plunge in closing the broad diver-sity gap within the last five years, according to a new report published by Witt/Kieffer, entitled “Diversity as a Business Builder in Healthcare.”

Profits rise while outlook not all good

A recent American Hospital Association survey shows that American community hospitals saw profits rise by more than 50 percent in 2010, a trend projected to be somewhat short-lived.

Quality of care increased by strong work environment

When nurses feel engaged and respected by their co-workers in a positive physical work environment, their perception of the quality of care given to their patients is much higher, according to a recent study that researched ways to improve nurses’ work environments without increasing nurse-to-patient ratios and overspending.

2012 Trends: Providers, GPOs work together to decrease costs and maintain quality

When it comes to supply chain management, it isn’t just about moving boxes anymore, said Ed Raeke, director of materials management at Massachusetts General Hospital. Spending trends in 2012 will move toward reducing operating expenses for hospitals by effectively using the analytics and tools offered by GPOs.

CMS extends competitive bidding program despite protests

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to ignore protests and a proposed bill seeking to eliminate their competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment as they plan for a major expansion of the program with Round Two.

Preventable readmissions, HAI account for 40 percent of care costs

Forty percent of every dollar spent on healthcare is wasted or spent on preventable complications, said Karen Feinstein, PhD, president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative. Feinstein spoke at the Maine Health Management Coalition 2011 Annual Symposium at the University of Southern Maine in Portland on Nov. 10, discussing ways to make healthcare safer, more reliable and more efficient.

UpToDate system saves lives, time and improves quality care

It’s no wonder why subscribers of Wolters Kluwer Health’s UpToDate have described the system as “the best medical tool ever.” New research conducted at Harvard University has found that hospitals using UpToDate, an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical knowledge system, have shorter lengths of stay, better quality and, for some conditions, a lower mortality rate.

PHI releases first direct-care workforce state data center

The Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI), a national nonprofit working to improve America’s long-term care system, has launched the PHI State Data Center, the first web-based tool to provide comprehensive, state-by-state profiles of the direct-care workforce.

HealthONE improves employee wellness with incentaHEALTH

HealthONE’s 9,000-employee staff works long hours in a stressful, fast-paced environment to assure quality healthcare for their patients. Now, the Denver-based healthcare system is giving back to their dedicated team through a new wellness program with incentaHEALTH.

Healthcare Transparency Index displays benefits of local services

Change Healthcare released its Q3 Healthcare Transparency Index last week, revealing cost disparities and savings opportunities for the most common dental services, and highlights the benefits of shopping for these services locally.


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