The Maine Campus

A few favorite articles I wrote for UMaine’s student newspaper, The Maine Campus.

Franks: Good till the last show

Occupying the former residence of local greats Bootiddy and The Rustic Overtones, Orono-based band Frank and the Redhots have had quite the shoes to fill. But with packed shows, original tunes and an eccentric sense of humor, the four-member band has come into their own, even creating a unique sub-genre of music.

America’s top music man

With over 600 gigs each year and the responsibility to serve the president of the United States, Col. Michael Colburn is no conventional professional musician. He has performed for every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan and conducts one of the most prestigious military bands in the country.

A journey of self-Discovery

With enough determination and knowledge, even a fear of heights isn’t enough to pass up an adventure beginning on top of a 9,200-foot mountain in Venezuela. Michael Merchant, a 47-year-old University of Maine graduate from Hampden, is not one for heights, but is one of nine volunteers starring in the Discovery Channel series “Out of the Wild: Venezuela,” which premiered Feb. 17. The show was filmed this past fall.

Born to Entertain

If Amy-Jane Mooney were 2 inches taller in high school, she could have been a Radio City Rockette, showing off her professionally trained high kicks in New York City. Fortunately for Mooney, her stage presence and talent have since made up for her lack of height, landing her leading roles and unique opportunities around the country.

Paper thin exhibit in Lord

Shadows meet color while depth perception is challenged in Lord Hall Gallery’s most recent exhibit, Scissor/Paper/Light, made entirely of paper. The display, which runs from Friday, Feb. 4 to March 18, features work by New York-based artist Joan Grubin and highlights her creative eye for shapes and space.

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