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Bringin’ back this snack

How is it that I seemed to have completely forgotten Bagel Bites exist? I mean these are one of the best snacks in the freezer isle, combining two of the world’s most delicious foods, and I hadn’t eaten one in maybe 7 years. But this all changed the other day when I needed a pre […]

On cucumber sandwiches

Even as I sit here and watch Gordon Ramsey yell every profanity — British and American — he can think of at the contestants on Master Chef, my own favorite yet simple snack sticks out in my mind. Cucumber sandwiches will always remind me of being at home in Wells during the summer. A favorite […]

Mini bagels!

I was trolling Reddit as usual today and came across these mini food creations by Israeli artist Shay Aaron. I’m a sucker for little versions of things. Especially bagels. Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron

InstaSummer weekend in Portland

This weekend was a perfect example the beautiful summer weather we get here in Maine. It was around 75 and Sunny every day, begging for rooftop music, outdoor tacos and mexican beer, and one long lazy day at the beach with Kelsey – all of which I managed to accomplish. It may also become apparent […]

Dirty Dozen Donuts

My very good friend, Kelsey, has opened her new bakery, Dirty Dozen Donuts, in Sanford! After months of planning, building, painting and everything else, her dream has finally become a reality. The shop is cozy and fun, and the donuts are to die for. But donuts aren’t the only thing on the menu. She has […]

Bagels and Donuts and Coffee, OhNo!

First thing’s first: If you have not yet had the pleasure of dining at OhNo Cafe in the West End, you should do so at your next available opportunity. Only not today because they’re closed on Mondays. I’ve only ever been to this place for breakfast, and they make some absolutely mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. When friends […]

Bagel Sandwich

I forgot to rant about this excellent creation I devoured for lunch last Friday at the Public Market from K. Horton Specialty Foods. Normally when I go in there I head straight upstairs to the second floor where I am then forced to choose between soup and burritos (I know!), but on Friday this place caught […]

Salad success

Maybe, just maybe, all I needed in order to get my cooking skills in order was to start a blog revolving around food. This actually came out delicious! It includes: Rotini Pasta; pepperoni; green peppers; pimento peppers; provolone cheese; and italian dressing. Oh and lots of salt and peppah. Pasta/macaroni salad is right up there with bagels […]