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NYC: Bagels, Bridges and Upbeats

Twas the Sunday before Christmas and my partner and crime and I had found ourselves in NYC after a late night of Subway rides, beer, cheeseburgers, and oh yeah, THE SLACKERS, completely worn out and with minimal funds left in our shallow pockets. What turned out to be amazingly convenient about this was that we […]

Top 5 songs I can’t stop listening to

I love the Internet. Unlimited access to pretty much anything you want to listen to, any time you want to listen to it. And then, you can even tell people about it. Here’s what I can’t get out of my headphones lately: 5. Make Some Noise – The Beastie Boys I first heard this song […]

Peppers and Punk Rock

You know those late nights that end up turning into early mornings? Then your alarm clock goes off and you’re forced to drag yourself out to bed, get to work, and spend the day waiting to do it all over again? Well, as it seems this just about sums up my summer, I have discovered […]

Skreggae Sunday

An island; a boat; beer; reggae music; ska music; summer; El Grande … need I continue?? El Grande will set sail out to Peaks Island this weekend to play Reggae Sunday at Jones Landing. That’s right; 3 hours of all the Grande lovin’ you could ask for, with beautiful weather on its way to accompany […]

Where did you go?

Happy Friday, Internet. It was cloudy, dreary, chilly and generally unpleasant on my walk to work this morning. But then I played a little ska music and what do you know? The sun came out! It’s magic I tell you. Blue skies above in Portland, Maine, just in time for what is supposed to be […]

Here comes the rain

As I think back on this rainy yet eventful three-day weekend, I can’t remember consuming one single bagel. Not one! WEIRD. I’ll have to address that situation before the end of the day today, but until then a Blogel post is still in order. Bagels or no bagels this weekend offered up some noteworthy shenanigans […]

El Grande – radio waves to bowling alleys

This might be a good time to mention El Grande’s upcoming show, taking place next Friday night, June 1, at Bayside Bowl with the Repeat Offenders! Bayside Bowl is a bowling alley, but serves beer and has proven to be a pretty decent music venue. The only bad memory I have about that place was […]

InstaSummer weekend in Portland

This weekend was a perfect example the beautiful summer weather we get here in Maine. It was around 75 and Sunny every day, begging for rooftop music, outdoor tacos and mexican beer, and one long lazy day at the beach with Kelsey – all of which I managed to accomplish. It may also become apparent […]

Bagels and Donuts and Coffee, OhNo!

First thing’s first: If you have not yet had the pleasure of dining at OhNo Cafe in the West End, you should do so at your next available opportunity. Only not today because they’re closed on Mondays. I’ve only ever been to this place for breakfast, and they make some absolutely mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. When friends […]

Arabica Coffee House

This morning, as I was walking to work at my abnormal and slightly awkward quick-paced walk, something stopped me dead in my tracks on Free Street. The smell of espresso beans and bagels suddenly became more important than being on time for work, and I took an immediate right-hand turn into Arabica Coffee House. This […]