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8 things to help you survive Frankenstorm Sandy

The “storm of the year,” without a doubt calls for a preparation list. Here are just a few things I think may make your hurricane experience a bit more pleasurable. 1. A brick house. We all remember the three little pigs and the big bad wolf right? He huffed and he puffed and he blew […]

How to get a haircut immediately

After about a month of waking up every day with my hair in about 700 knots and proceeding to painfully brush them out – many times unsuccessfully – accompanied by the fact that it’s been a consistant 85 degrees and humid in Maine recently, I decided it was time for a change. Three years and […]

10 reasons Mainers should stop complaining about hot weather

Mainers – I know it’s hot out, but let’s be honest. It is also a beautiful summer day and there are a million more reasons to be happy than miserable. Here are a few. 1. We all have a pool Pack up the beach towels, sunscreen, boogie boards and cucumber sandwiches because you’re probably not […]

Why toast it when you can roast it?

In the spirit of this beautiful summer night, I give you a reminder that bagels, too, can be enjoyed roasted around a campfire. What did you think that hole in the middle was for anyway? And while I’m thinking about campfires, has anyone experienced the wonder of roasted dough over the fire? It doesn’t stop […]