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Design Portfolio

Featuring a new layout, new graphics and new projects, my design portfolio went through a bit of a “relaunch” recently. Check it out here. Advertisements


NYC: Bagels, Bridges and Upbeats

Twas the Sunday before Christmas and my partner and crime and I had found ourselves in NYC after a late night of Subway rides, beer, cheeseburgers, and oh yeah, THE SLACKERS, completely worn out and with minimal funds left in our shallow pockets. What turned out to be amazingly convenient about this was that we […]

8 things to help you survive Frankenstorm Sandy

The “storm of the year,” without a doubt calls for a preparation list. Here are just a few things I think may make your hurricane experience a bit more pleasurable. 1. A brick house. We all remember the three little pigs and the big bad wolf right? He huffed and he puffed and he blew […]

Top 5 songs I can’t stop listening to

I love the Internet. Unlimited access to pretty much anything you want to listen to, any time you want to listen to it. And then, you can even tell people about it. Here’s what I can’t get out of my headphones lately: 5. Make Some Noise – The Beastie Boys I first heard this song […]

Noteworthy updates from the bagel universe

Bagel World I did not leave you behind! It may have been a few weeks (months) since I’ve blogeled, but this does not mean I haven’t bageled. (It’s true, I should definitely not make up words). Some notable bagel findings have included: Honey Butter. Not a bagel flavor, but better yet one of the best […]

Peppers and Punk Rock

You know those late nights that end up turning into early mornings? Then your alarm clock goes off and you’re forced to drag yourself out to bed, get to work, and spend the day waiting to do it all over again? Well, as it seems this just about sums up my summer, I have discovered […]

Why Dunkin’ should stick to iced coffee

So many bagels and not enough Blogel-ing! (Yes, that is now a verb.) It seems I have been too busy stuffing my face with bagels and dancing around to ska music on boats to remember to actually write about it. Well the delay is no more! Recent bagel conclusions: 1. This morning I did something strange. […]

Bringin’ back this snack

How is it that I seemed to have completely forgotten Bagel Bites exist? I mean these are one of the best snacks in the freezer isle, combining two of the world’s most delicious foods, and I hadn’t eaten one in maybe 7 years. But this all changed the other day when I needed a pre […]

How to get a haircut immediately

After about a month of waking up every day with my hair in about 700 knots and proceeding to painfully brush them out – many times unsuccessfully – accompanied by the fact that it’s been a consistant 85 degrees and humid in Maine recently, I decided it was time for a change. Three years and […]

This guy clearly likes bagels just as much as I do

Man accused of refusing to leave Portland bagel shop, assaulting police What’s funny about this is that there is probably about a 1 in 10 chance that I’m not at The Works a little after 7:30 a.m. How could I have missed this bagel drama?! Oh well. Next time. I told you guys I’d always […]